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What is Wood Lamella?

Wood Lamella is a thick piece of solid wood timber, usually about 4mm thick and is used mostly in the manufacture of engineered wood flooring. The timber is sawn and then dried in an engineered process resulting in a 4mm thick piece of solid timber.

What is Wood Veneer?

Wood Veneer is a thin slice of wood, usually less than 0.3mm in thickness pressed over a 3.2mm thick plywood to give it strength and structure and is used mostly in the manufacture of doors, furniture and cabinetry finishes.

What is a Wood Lamella Door?

A Wood Lamella Door is a Solid Flush Door over which we press Wood Lamella instead of the traditional system of pressing veneered plywood over the door. This makes the door stronger and resistant to loss of top layer unlike in Wood Veneer. The door is also engineered and overcomes
the shortcomings of solid wood door like expansion, contraction and warping



  • 4mm thick piece of timber pressed over the door.
  • Texture can be created giving a solid timber effect.
  • Capable of being repolished limitlessly because of high thickness and strength.
  • Long lasting and resistant to impacts and damage.
  • Gives an effect of solid timber.


  • 0.3 mm thick slice of timber pressed over the door.
  • Texture cannot be created because of low thickness.
  • Can be repolished only a few times because of low thickness and repolishing may cause wearing out.
  • Not long lasting and non resistant to impacts and damage.
  • Gives an effect of wallpaper rather than timber.


The company was set up as D.K. PLYWOOD (P) LTD. in 1987, promoted by Shri Daulat Ram Kashyap the founder, to undertake manufacturing of plywood, shuttering plywood, flush doors shutters. The company began life as manufacturers of block boards, D.K. PLYWOOD Company, has successfully supplied material to prestigious Industrial...

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