Manufacturing Process

  • Specie & Wood seasoning :-D.K. Plywood uses the pine wood to make frames, Lock rail and Door joints for doors. An adequate temperature is maintained to season the wood. Once optimum time is given during seasoning, the pine wood is ready to be used.
  • Joint less Framing:- Making a frame is the second step in the door manufacturing process. Seasoned wood is cut in clients specified order sizes and frames are made as per production process using the latest machinery. Only 4 pieces are cut from 1 plank.
  • Particle board cutting :- A solid block of wood mounted within a hollow-core flush door near the bolt to provide a solid and stable location for mounting the door's hardware.
  • Glueing:- The entire material Lock rail, frame, particle infill, rails, stiles are given an even coat of internally lab tested and internally made Phenol formal dehyde synthetic rasin. We ensure to apply even coat by experienced and trained hands so the 4 corners and all areas remain intact with the HDF skin profile, Pine frame, Pine lockrail, Pine Joint and solid particle board. D.K Plywood never compromises with the quality of the resin and we continue to test and monitor the strength to ensure the doors last for decades.
  • Composing:- Once glued, all the pre cut solid particle board pieces are carefully placed in the frame profile.
  • Hot Press:- Once composed the joineries are carefully closed with HDF skin. All corners are carefully aligned before putting them in the Hot Press as per specified time frame. We use the adequate time as per the door specification. No compromise is made with the pressure time, pressure limit and temperature to achieve ideal and long lasting joinery.
  • Unloading of the press and side trimming:- We follow a well defined process on most developed machinery executed by trained labor to get proper finish as per clients ordered size.
  • Packing and loading:- The doors are neatly packed and loaded in safe warehouse area, we make sure to work with trained hands that load doors in trucks and make sure that doors reach clients location or warehouse in the same state as they were at our plant.

Our Warranty

D.K. Plywood (P) Ltd. warrants that each door that they manufacture is free of manufacturing and/or material defects for 2 years of the product under normal use and service, subject to the limitations and conditions herein. This Warranty is transferable at no additional charge. The Warranty covers only manufacturing and material defects and does not cover defects or damages attributable to faulty installation or other non-manufacturing or material defects described herein.

Exclusions, Restriction and Limitations on Liability:
  • Products which are misused, abused, damaged by vandals, acts of God, acts of nature or any other cause will not be covered
  • Improper handling or installation where doors are not installed plumb, square and shimmed.
  • D.K. Plywood (P) Ltd will not provide warranty for products that have not been paid for in full.
  • Installation of doors in a sloped or non-vertical position, faulty construction or design.
  • Exposures to sunlight, air pollutants and normal atmospheric conditions, which may cause material to gradually fade, chalk or accumulate surface dirt.
  • Product damaged in transit at your end after delivered by D.K. Plywood (P) Ltd's delivery truck.
  • D.K. Plywood (P) Ltd accepts no liability for factory seconds or clearance products, identified as such at time of sale.
  • There is no warranty for Termite proof , material is Termite Resistant
  • The warranties expressed and contained in this document establish the maxim liability that D.K. Plywood (P) Ltd has for its products. All exclusions and limitations referred to apply in all situations and conditions.
  • All the HDF Molded skin doors length will be max 84" (7 ft)
  • In case of any manufacturing defect, DK Plywood (P) Ltd. will only be responsible for the product as supplied & not for the polish done at your site by your company.
  • Seasoning Chambers

    DK Plywood (P) Ltd is located at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan). Our Seasoning chambers have an area of 6000 Square feet and are fully mechanized with power back up control and are handled by qualified/experienced technicians and are operation all through the year.

    Dedicated Customer Support:

    Our company offers Dedicated Account Manager with open communication channels on all 7 days.

    Plant Tour and Showroom Visit:

    As a tradition we welcome your management team to visit and see manufacturing process at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) plant and over 200 hoisted designs in 9 Door categories at most modern Product Showroom at Rajouri Garden (Opposite Metro station). To organize tours please contact your account manager 24 hours in advance.