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At Guntier we have a tie up with Bajaj Finance for 0 (zero) % financing, there is a simple process for checking a customer’s credit score. Once personal details of customer are taken we are able to tell within 3 minutes how much credit line the customer has been assigned. Including Kitchen and Wardrobe virtually all products can be financed, please speak with store service team for financing details.

Modular and Panel industry is like any other fashion industry category, we follow latest trends from across the world and are able to design products at our design centre at New Delhi, India for entire Pan India Market. We use endless variety of colours, high quality materials and hardware.

We keep working in developing variety of world class designs, our endeavour is to create designs best suited to client’s location. Being manufacturer of plywood and dealers in most products we are able to offer a great variety which many kitchen manufacturers can’t offer. We develop ongoing agreements with hardware companies, appliance manufacturers to stay on top so we give you best available in Indian Market.

As of now, straight line designs are in demand. Other products which are in high demand are Handle-less doors, soft closing drawers, top open-able glass doors and built-in appliances. You can also give your kitchen any look you desire. Classic or rustic, whatever represents your choice, can be reflected in your Modular Kitchen.

Unlike our competition, there is absolutely no charge for designing a Kitchen with GUNTIER, wardrobe or any Panel industry solution. The process for designing a product starts from a point where you simply call us from convenience of your home or office and we send you a design by an email in a specified time frame.

From concept to implementation there is a complete process involved at every stage in installation of a kitchen. Since we own the entire production facility, we are able to execute the order within 3-4 weeks after fulfilment of terms and conditions.

We are experts in Modular/Panel industry solutions. Maintaining a modular Kitchen is convenient. Depending on model type chosen by customer, we can educate and train the customer as to how to use the product for generations. Please be careful about:-

  • Equal placement of weight
  • No stagnation of water/cooking oil on and around the Modular cabinets of the kitchen.
  • Doing regular dusting of kitchen
  • Not using stained hands after using cooking oil and spices

The appliances are in client’s scope as they can buy from the market or can buy from us as we are dealers of all major brands of appliances, rest it is always advised that the customer specifies appliance model number and share this information with the designer before designing the kitchen, this way it's very easy to accommodate the request during designing process. Same fundamental applies for all other kitchen accessories as well.

Counter-tops are available in various materials and finishes like, marble, granite and composites. Most common and recommended is granite for Indian conditions and cooking styles, due to its hardness. However, composite products are very much the recent trend. Laminated counter-tops can be used, provided there is careful use of water.

The area of the top modular cabinet can be covered by plain tiles and the visible area called “dado”, this can be decorated by good designer tiles, composite material or simply extend the same granite or counter-top. It is important that you discuss the kind of countertop with us during designing part so we suggest and offer you the best suited product as per available budget and long term use.

Yes, it’s a great appliance which helps in a lot of ways in maintaining hygiene. Chimneys are located just above the cooking hob and hence all smoke, oil, vapor, dust particles and carbon get sucked into it directly and are then pulled out of the kitchen with the help of powerful suction blowers and fans. An exhaust fan is used to purify the air in the kitchen. As a result the oil, vapors, dust particles and carbon travel from cooking area get a passage through the exhaust fan and do not settle down on the surface of kitchen wall, top cabinets and are not likely to not damage the look and surface. Since a lot of frying and oil is used In our Indian cuisine that may to respiratory ailments, it is recommended a chimney be used. As an option some chimneys are designed with built-in lights and a timer.

There are a lot of design options available in the chimneys with glass & steel incorporation which also add to the aesthetic appeal of the modular kitchen.

There are a whole lot of options for kitchen shutters. We offer kitchen shutters in Laminated, Acrylics, PU, High gloss polish, Polyester polished and Membrane foiled (that can be done on MDF, plywood, marine grade plywood and densified marine plywood).
As far as colours are concerned it is totally customised according to need of the client. The range we offer is extensive. We provide more than 185 colours for Indian kitchens. The colours are available in laminate, membrane, paint and acrylic finishes. The shutters are made in various design finishes, like 4-side edge banding, post form, routed, mesh, aluminum profile with glass, etc. These wide choices allow you to juggle with unlimited number of combinations, which suits your budgets, interiors, taste and personality. We also offer glass to select; we can offer laqured glass which can be painted according to the client need

Costing of a modular kitchen is based not only on the dimension, but also on other factors like selection of material, hardware, number of drawers, shutters and type of accessories used, etc. so, it is not possible to estimate the price of a kitchen by its size alone.

Our designers are equipped with sufficient knowledge to understand your requirements and budget; we can easily design a kitchen which fits in your scale of funds available. At the same time, our designers duty is to give you the best kitchen that your money can buy, thus proving to be value for money for a long period of time. At GUNTIER Kitchens, we are committed to delighting you with the kitchen of your dream.

We have kitchens starting from the range of Rs. 75,000 to over Rs. 20,00,000 (price depends on size and selection of material). We can further customize the kitchens based on your budget and needs as there is a wide selection of materials and variety available.

We truly believe and work on the premise that modular kitchen and wardrobe offer an “Optimum utilization of space in an organized manner”.

We work with multiple industry segments across PAN India and have supply arrangements with various delivery companies to deliver the complete kitchen products. Please get connected with us and present your floor plans so we supply you drawings at a faster pace for decision making process. Our order cycle is very efficient and we can deliver the finished product in modules almost anywhere in India.

All Panel industry products offered by us are covered under 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

We have direct vendor relationships with most appliance companies who deal in Hob, chimney and other appliances across India. Please give us detailed instructions when you place your order so we get exactly what you want. We recommend you to buy products which are designed for long term use.

Yes, it gives an even and a clean finish and complements the colour and ambience of the kitchen which leads to a modern and elegant/complete look. Back splash protects against spillage caused during cooking of food.

Yes, we are equipped with the latest high performance machinery which have the capacity to cater to high volumes whenever needed.

Not only can we manufacture endless variety but can do customized solutions for all clients as well.