How to Maintain your Kitchen and Wardrobes ?

  • All spillages should be immediately cleaned by dry and liquid method, entry of dirt should not be allowed in corners and especially storage areas.
  • It is important to first clean oily surfaces with soft and clean cloth and then use a mild detergent or a spray solution to keep away to keep stains away It’s extremely important to properly maintain all electrical points and connections including Exhaust fans, chimneys, maintenance check should be done at least once in six months.
  • Kitchen cleaning should be made a day to day and ongoing activity. This helps to keep a dust free and shining surfaces and inside areas.
  • It’s always a good idea to do regular cleanup after cooking a meal. Grease accumulation is not likely to happen when a regular clean up is done.
  • It is recommended to arrange and have all cleaning supplies including appropriate grade of gloves (for dishwashing and cleaning), soft G Cloth for cleaning, appropriate cleaning solution, nice scrubs and not in use toothbrush to clean certain corners and utensils.
  • Please keep the food particles away from all kitchen storage areas. Always keep the pickles and foods stored in appropriate containers and refrigerators to prevent any bacteria growth.
  • Its recommended to cleanup and air dry the sink after dishes are washed
  • Always ensure the floor area is cleaned/mopped after the kitchen use so no slippage occurs.

Hobs and Countertops

It is important to regularly clean Hobs and Countertops using soft cloths and appropriate/recommended detergents. It is important to do caring for countertops so its elegance, colour and texture is maintained. For Hobs, it’s important to watch for spillage so burners are not spoilt. Baking soda and mild liquid detergents should be used and harsh chemicals should not be used. Always look for hob manufacturer recommendations for cleaning instructions. It is important to not use hard cleaning objects on countertops at any time and never clean countertops in a hurry.

Backsplash and Tiles

Back splash and tiles do get a lot of beating when we make variety of curries and similar food in Indian cuisine. It is recommended to do a general cleaning with water and few drops of vinegar at the end of every day cooking.


  • Taps are the most frequently used item in a kitchen. Taps should be kept clean and in good condition for complete neatness and excellence point of view.
  • To clean taps with a chrome and nickel finish, dab some vinegar on a damp cloth and clean the tap and hardware. Finish by wiping the surface with a dry cloth.
  • To clean taps with a copper and stainless steel finish, please use Brasso and Silvo (as per their guidelines) for superior finish.
  • Baking soda with water can be used around basic metal taps and areas close by, used tooth brush and a used soft cloth may be used for best results. Apply the mix, leave for few minutes and clean first with moistened cloth followed by soft dried cloth.

Handles and Hinges

Handles are used most frequently and should be cleaned at the end or beginning of the day so bacteria, grit or grime not get on hands and get to other appliances or places in kitchen. Kindly use a soft, wet G cleaning cloth with mild cleaning detergent for first time and a dry cleaning cloth to give a shine.

To give ultra shine for handles use a soft clean cloth, dipped in vinegar mixed with lukewarm water, with pinch of salt. Wipe brass fittings to clean. Brass fittings can be further shined with Brasso and Silver fittings with Silvo.

Hard Weather changes in India and high humidity in certain regions can result in formation of dirt and rust on the handles and fittings. To remove rust from chrome, moisten a piece of aluminum foil and rub the surface gently and wipe off with a soft rag. Please use vinegar or lemon juice mixed with salt to clean, or use a peeled potato with salt and/or baking soda for best results. Once this is done, please dry it and polish with lemon oil.
For cleaning cabinet hinges, use an old tooth brush dipped in mild soapy water. Machine oil may be used to ensure hinges do not rust or squeak.

Sinks and Close by area

Sinks should be regularly cleaned at the end of each day by soapy and mild detergent, it should be dried so no marks are left at the end of night. Try and not leave unwashed dishes overnight. Drain cap be applied at all times so minor food left over’s are not clogged in drain underneath.
To clear a clogged sink, use half cup baking soda, wait for 5 minutes, followed by one cup of regular vinegar down the drain. Please wait for 20 minutes and then slowly pour boiling water into the drain, you will see the result.


Kitchen cabinets present the maximum utility, it is important to make a proper routine to keep regular cleaning of kitchen cabinets. Proper cleaning steps should be taken so cabinets live their full life.

  • Step 1- It is important to clean the outside and inside of cabinet wall at least once a day so dust is removed immediately. Cooking residue and accumulation of oil be removed with recommended cleaning agent as per material of cabinet.
  • Step 2- Material used in GUNTIER cabinets is regularly tested for moisture levels and other Industry standards to give you long term durability. We make customized Kitchens, Wardrobes and other panel industry solutions as per Indian Kitchen standards and most intense pressured and busy cooking environment, even after saying this it is recommended for least moisture exposure if possible.
  • Step 3- It is important to keep a fair variety of fair number of good quality soft and cleaning cloth so they can be used regularly on various parts of cabinets. Depending on cooking cycle, look for grease, soiled area, moisture regularly. Please try and avoid sharp objects, non recommended cleaners and hard cloth for cleaning.
  • All GUNTIER products are tested for weight pressure, we give you exact specification of how much weight your ordered product can handle, it is recommended to not overload for long life of product. It is suggested to forward all inquiries in this regard to our design and product centre at New Delhi through contact us section.